2014 Ram Heavy Duty Review and Price

The 2014 Ram Heavy Duty is on the market. Generally, heavy-duty trucks contain suspensions, set for even, heavy payloads. This can cause a harsher travel when the vehicle is not loaded.

2014 Ram Heavy Duty Latest Revisions

2014 Ram Heavy Duty preview

The Ram vehicle brand offers the most competent heavy-duty pickups in the automobile sector. The new 2014 Ram Heavy Duty acquires lessons from earlier models and inserts an all-fresh, segment elite five-link coil back suspension system and novel air suspension system for best-in-category travel and handling. The elite five-link spring design offers better articulation over obstructions than a leaf spring arrangement and the strong coil springs are more than equal to the job of handling the loads necessary for the new Heavy Duty Ram, equal to 17,940 lbs for towing.

2014 Ram Heavy Duty Models

The new Ram Heavy Duty comes in two variants such as Ram 2500 and Ram 3500. The new model line includes a list of paramount-in-category titles in the major acquisition reason of the segment. The new model is capable of,

1. Towing up to 17,940 lbs with Ram 2500.

2. Towing up to 30,000 lbs with Ram 3500.

3. Capacity – Gross joint Weight Rating of 37,600 lbs with Ram 3500.

4. Payload equal to 7,320 lbs with Ram 3500.

2014 Ram Heavy Duty Engine

2014 Ram Heavy Duty engine

The new 2014 Ram Heavy Duty comes with two engine options. The first engine option is a 6.7 liter Cummins engine that offers the required power output of 385 HP and a torque output of 850 lb-ft. The second one is a 8-valve 6.4-liter HEMI engine that offers a power output of 410 HP and a torque output of 429 lb-ft. Both models of Ram Heavy Duty trucks put in novel innovation, as well as an all-fresh, five-link coil suspension with a voluntary air suspension on Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and an additional air bag suspension alternative on 2014 Ram Heavy Duty 3500.

2014 Ram Heavy Duty review

The manufacturer offers two diverse double alternator systems on the new model, offering extra power for upper electrical freights from business vehicle upfits and trimmings. The new models of Ram are outfitted with the 6.7-liter diesel Cummins engine that will offer double 220-ampere. Both models of the new vehicle are set with the novel 8-valve, 6.4-liter HEMI gas engine as well. This engine will offer a double-alternator system, the earliest gas-driven appliance of its type in any category. The double-alternator system combines 220-amp and 160-amp units for combined 380-amps, the best-in-category output.

2014 Ram Heavy Duty Interior

2014 Ram Heavy Duty interior

Pricing and Release Date

Both the models of the new 2014 Ram Heavy Duty vehicles are expected for sale during the last quarter of 2014. The price of the new Ram Heavy duty 2500 will be available at a base price of $29,600, whereas the 3500 variant will be available at a base price of $30,695.

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